Jim’s Plan for Scottsboro
  • Have an open-door policy and communicate with members of the city council, department heads, the business community and residents. 
  • Ensure transparency, accountability, and sound fiscal policy.
  • Collaborate with our state and federal leaders to secure our fair share of funding for infrastructure such as roads, airport, and utilities.
  • Support all of our first responders in accessing the resources and equipment they need to protect our community.
  • Cooperate with the Economic, Industrial, and Commercial Development Authorities and Chamber of Commerce to actively recruit and bring new businesses and industries to our city.
  • Support our schools and teachers to help them access the necessary resources to teach our children, so they receive the best education possible

Why Jim is the right person to lead Scottsboro

Jim has worked 30 years in public service as the following:

  • 9 years as the Manager of TVA Crisis and Emergency Management
  • 6 years as the District Director for Congressman Bud Cramer
  • 5 years as the Area Coordinator for the State of Alabama Emergency Management including Manager for the
    State of Alabama Earthquake Program and Public Information Officer for the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
  • 10 years as the Director of the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency 
  • B.S. in Public Safety Administration from Athens State University

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